9 Warnings your tongue says something about your health

Do you know that your tongue is the main organ that tells you if there’s something wrong in your body?

That is why specialists always check the tongue first to see if they can see anything wrong from it.

We will discuss the nine aspects of the tongue and its signs linking to various health problems.

1. If the tongue is red and covered by thick yellow layers in the middle, the temperature of your body is so high that causes constant nervousness. Usually, this condition is caused by urinary tract infections or skin issues.

2. When the extremities of your tongue are covered in a white layer and swollen, you should be aware that your digestive system does not work well, and the body retains water. As a result, you may also feel tired and sleepy.

3. A tongue with white layer cover, sprinkled with red dots and tooth marks is a symptom that you are exhausted, with a bad mood and no appetite.

4. If your purple tongue is covered in black spots, you should be conscious that there is a malfunction in the circulatory system, causing varicose veins, headaches, chest pain and the sensation that your legs weigh a tone.

5. A tongue with red crack states that your body is affected with fungus. This sign usually comes with sleep deprivation, irritability or excessive sweat.

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